Szabadulosjatek.COM policy:

  • The Enigma mission participants agree that the game can participate only in accordance with the following rules.

  • The Enigma game track each participant at your own risk.

  • In the game, people under the age of 14 years may participate only in the presence of adult supervision and responsibility of the entire facility.

  • In the area of ​​the playing field is not allowed in standing (alcohol, drugs, etc..) Under the influence of mind-altering drug.

  • Own or other limb-threatening object (piercing, cutting, firearms, etc..) Entering the field of play is strictly forbidden!

  • Is not allowed to use exogenous aids (eg. Instruments).

  • Audio and video recording without the prior consent of the referee during the game possible.

  • Please tactics game items and furniture to protect. Damages resulting from non-compliance or deliberate vandalism to the rules shall promptly reimburse the damage!

  • The players accept that during the game along with cameras watching the troops. The participants audio and video recording. These can be used to clarify contentious cases (intentional damage, theft, etc..).

  • The building and its five-meter radius of the no smoking!

  • When booking, enter real data is needed, otherwise the reservation be canceled.

  • The rules and instructions of the referee's failure to comply disqualified from the tournament!

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